Miami has become known as one of the hottest and sexiest cities in the nation. When you go there, your stuff needs to be tight. You can’t be caught slipping especially when in a cosmopolitan city like Miami.

Since Radio One’s One Fest is invading Miami this year, The Urban Daily wanted to rundown the hottest videos to come out of the MIA. Check out our list below. If we missed anything or you think the rankings should be different, let us know in the comments.

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6. Sisqo – “Thong Song”

Former Dru Hill frontman Sisqo had the world going HAM in 2000 with “Thong Song.” While most of the focus was placed on female booty, the sexy beaches of Miami provided the backdrop. When Sisqo was trying to show off his Michael Jackson inspired dance moves, men were had their eyes glued to the models’ backsides with the thin piece of fabric in between.

5.  Rick Ross – “Hustlin'”

While most videos showed the sexy side of Miami, Rick Ross’ debut video showed the other side of things. Ross gave us a look at the hood of Miami while he drove through in his expensive whip. Ross gave us a balanced look at Miami. Sure it’s glamorous and all of those things, but it also has a darkside. We would only know about the lavish side of the city if Rick Ross wasn’t hustlin’.

4. Will Smith – “Welcome to Miami”

At the point in time Will Smith was showcasing his Big Willie Style, he knew the place to advertise was the hot Florida city. Smith showed how popping the parties were and how beautiful the women were. Peep a then unknown Eva Mendes doing her thing in the clip. Eva Mendes mixed with a hot and sexy city blended into an urban pop song is something musically inclined men dream of. Will Smith just brought the dream to life.

3. Jennifer Lopez – “Love Don’t Cost A Thing”

For the video where she declares she doesn’t want Diddy’s money just his love, Jennifer Lopez was just as sexy, if not sexier than the Miami landscape behind her. J. Lo was walking down the street taking off her clothes long before Erykah Badu caught a fine for it in Texas. Nobody batted an eyelash when J. Lo did it though. It probably had to do with the sexiness of the city. Yeah, right!

2. Beyonce – “Baby Boy”

Queen Bey broke loose of her teen image wiith “Baby Boy.” Though the weather of Miami left more to be desired, Beyonce certainly kept things steamy. Writhing around on an animal skinned rug and rocking that sexy island swag only gave hints as to how sexy a woman Beyonce would row into. The sexiest part of the video came when Bey was dancing as a storm was about to attack the beach. I guess there’s some real power in Beyonce’s hip shaking because the rain never falls while she’s getting her dance on.

Trina – “Pull Over”
What would a Miami video countdown be without the Queen of Miami’s most beloved video?! There aren’t words to describe how sexy things look in  Trina’s 2000 clip. Oh yeah, the scenery was nice too.

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