The beef between Funkmaster Flex of Hot 97 and “The Breakfast Club” of Power 105.1 has grown from subliminal radio disses to a full-blown war!

The rivalry started last year, when Funkmaster Flex’s friend Mister Cee was arrested for lewd sexual conduct with a transsexual male. Charlamagne and “The Breakfast Club” reported on the incident like most other news sources had. Flex took it very personal and declared that he would “lose that friendship” with the station, if need be!

Charlamagne, not fazed by the threat, deemed Flex “Donkey Of The Day” labeling him “Flex Hogan.”

The beef soon simmered down but was reinvigorated the day after Summer Jam 2012 when Nicki Minaj called into “The Breakfast Club” morning show to clarify the mishaps from the previous day.

Charlamagne, DJ Envy and Angela Yee defended Nicki’s arguments causing Flex Hogan to reciprocate later that week with four hours of bashing! Flex alleges that all three of the hosts have been robbed at “fingerpoint” and aren’t as tough as they pretend to be.

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“Get Diddy’s hardware out your mouth, because when he got you fired in Philly, you weren’t talking tough. And then when Diddy came to your show up here, you had his [Ciroc] hardware all in your mouth. Holding a Ciroc bottle. You know how crazy you looked?” said Flex.

Listen to the rant, here.

DJ Envy Instagramed a photo of Funkmaster Flex’s wife restraining order against him with the caption “45 year old DJ, just can’t keep his hands to his self!!!! SMH!!!” (the radio host has a history of domestic violence).

The Breakfast Club addressed the feud on the radio this morning, making Flex look only worse! Charlamagne calls him a “habitual offender” and “woman beater.” DJ Envy admits to hearing the 911 call where Flex’s wife phoned the police in distress. He was disturbed by how fearful she was on the call and thinks he needs help!

Flex picked a fight with Vibe on Twitter for reporting on “The Breakfast Club'” segment this morning and not on his!


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