After making hits like “Banned in the U.S.A.,” Uncle Luke is being banned from the assistant coach position at a Miami high school.

Luke Campbell has been helping out Miami Northwestern High School’s football team for the last three seasons as a defensive coordinator. He is looking to be promoted to the assistant coach position and keeps being denied by the school board. Despite an administrative judge recommending Luke for the assistant coach slot, the school board balked at the notion because they don’t believe Luke is good for the children to be around.

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The school’s administration stated Luke “lacks the required good moral character” that’s required to coach a high school football team. Judging from his past as a rapper, the school board doesn’t believe he will positively influence the students’ lives.

Although Uncle Luke was as ratchet as ratchet can get, he is a grown man with his own kids now. I’m sure Luke has learned about the joys of doing all the freaky things behind closed doors at this point in his life. If he does good work, his rapper past shouldn’t hinder him from moving up. I mean less famous teachers have done worse.



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