R&B newcomer K. Michelle joined the cast of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta to put a spotlight on what she faces in the music industry as a strong-willed woman.

Coming into the industry under the tutelage of R. Kelly, K. Michelle saw how fast good times could take a turn for the worse. She says that’s exactly what the new VH1 reality show is all about. “You will see me doing my music. You’ll see my trying to heal from my past deal situation and just trying to even decide if I even want another record deal,” K. Michelle expressed.

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She says the other cast members are like her, in a sense, but they are all different people with different issues. “Everybody is really going through life right now. And I really like the cast. They’re women who have issues, life issues, and they’re not afraid to put it on camera,” K. Michelle said. “I feel like every girl has their thing. So for me, I’m a really feisty person. I didn’t want to be portrayed as this clean cut R&B artistcause that ain’t me. I think it shows exactly who I am.”

Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta premieres on VH1 June 18th at 8pm. Will you be tuning into the same old ratchetness in a brand new city?



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