Chaka KhanMadonna in her prime once got Big Daddy Kane to pose in a speedo on camera, so her O.G-Spot status in the Sex Hall of Fame is secure. But recently Madge flashed her 54-year-old nipple to a shocked crowd in Istanbul and some folks would rather she save that for the pool boys she pays to service her.

Our peeps at are starting a petition complete with a list of older women they’d rather see naked.

Madonna’s been in the news recently for subjecting people to sights of her geriatric naughty bits. One word – yuck. Sure there was a time when she could’ve gotten the long arm of the drawers but that was 20 years ago. Now? Enh, not so much. The wine hasn’t aged well but here are six older woman who have, and as a result, would most definitely get the business.


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