Nas‘ album cover “Life Is Good” features a peculiar green dress on it. It is draped across the Queensbridge rapper’s lap and is symbolic of his marriage to singer Kelis.

Kelis wore a green dress to their wedding. But now that they are divorced, it makes an appearance on the cover of his tenth studio project.

During a recent interview, Kelis shared her thoughts on the cover art, saying:

“My feelings about it are not really relevant, but you know at the end of the day Nas is an artist. And for whatever it’s worth he’s one of the greatest, and especially for what it is he does.”

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“So for me, I feel like especially for someone in hip-hop to kind of be genuine and honest, whatever the honesty is about, I think it’s awesome. So my feelings about it aren’t really necessarily valid, it’s just the fact that as an artist I can respect that he wears his feelings on his sleeve.”

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