The female rap genre just can’t seem to get it together. Lil Kim is underappreciated, Nicki Minaj is hailed queen, and all the other ones nobody has heard from in years.

Foxy Brown, who has remained silent on the music scene for a while, took a hit when she did a small performance and suffered a Janet Jackson situation. Foxy’s breast popped out of a very low cut top and exposed her nipple to the crowd.

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Though she took it in stride and kept on performing, many have said this is probably one of the lowest points in her career. Formerly one of the biggest female rappers in the game, Foxy has had a rough time. She’s had several run-ins with the law and a bout with being deaf. Some call her nip slip a desperate attempt to regain some sort of relevancy.

We say the only mistake Foxy Brown made in this video is wearing a top she knew wouldn’t restrain those girls when she started performing. Other than that, Foxy Brown needs to come back with that music she was known for in the 90s. We still love “I’ll Be.”



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