VH1 has been blamed for the declining image of black people and women since it began the Flavor of Love series. Now one of their employees is blasting their programming.

Single Ladies star LisaRaye watched the first episode of VH1’s new reality series Hollywood Exes. The show centers around the ex-wives of some of entertainment’s most elite. LisaRaye isn’t a fan because of the fighting, drink throwing, and other degrading behavior.

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LisaRaye took to twitter to vent her frustrations. She tweeted, “For real??…Another show with fighting, scrapping, throwing….WTF man. Say it aint so HOLLYWOOD exes.”

Though we’re leaning towards LisaRaye’s side on this one, we wonder what her employers are going to think about her publicly questioning another show on the same network as hers. We think if none of the ladies on Hollywood Exes responds, everything will blow over. After all, Single Ladies gets a lot of flack with people saying it’s poorly written and acted. But it’s still on the air.

Was LisaRaye right to take Hollywood Exes to task or is she just throwing stones from a glass house?



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