If you’re a fan of R&B singer Amerie, you’ve probably been wondering when she would release new music. Amerie says she is in the studio working on her album and mixtape simultaneously.

The “1 Thing” singer participated in a Facebook chat where she candidly answered fan questions. She also spoke about her mixtape The Prelude and album Cymatika. Amerie confessed her mixtape and album sound very different. The Prelude is very hip-hop soul centric and Cymatika is a grab bag of styles. “I’m still working on both the EP (The Prelude) and the LP (Cymatika) simultaneously, so I’m not sure when they will be released yet,” Amerie expressed to her fans. “The Prelude is very hip hop soul, and Cymatika has a sound that’s very eclectic, but it’s very cinematic. Creating Cymatika has been such an amazing experience because there are no creative boundaries; it isn’t genre specific at all, but it has a VERY distinctive sound.”

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Amerie described the creative process when making Cymatika, saying, “For Cymatika, I’ve really been creating the tracks from the ground up, meaning I could wake up and have a song in my head, lay down some of it, and we start building the track from that. I know what sounds I want, and the drum patterns, and it goes from there. I always record in the pitch black. I don’t start with a melody or words. It usually comes to me all at once, including the backgrounds and harmonies.”

Though Amerie is in the studio working on new music, she isn’t exactly sure when either project will be released for public consumption. Will you be picking up both of her projects when she finally drops them?



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