A Cook County judge issued a stern warning to the ex-wife of Dwyane Wade: Trash him to your kids and you won’t be seeing them for a while.

was recently arrested during the NBA Finals for delaying a visitation hand-off. Dwyane Wade currently has custody of their two sons following a bitter custody war. Now a judge is making sure that Siovaughn leaves the kids out of her beef with her ex.

 The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

“If you tell them, ‘Your daddy got me arrested,’ I take away visitation,” Cook County Associate Judge Helaine Berger said. “The children should not be in the middle.”

The divorce of the Miami Heat star and Siohvaughn Funches-Wade may be long over, and the ink on the judge’s child custody order dry for more than a year, but the battle between the two continues.

The showdown played out again Tuesday in a downtown Chicago courtroom during a contentious hearing that included Wade’s ex-wife taking the Fifth, and her attorney accusing Wade, who just won his second NBA title Thursday night, of being too busy to be in court.

Attorneys for both trotted out witnesses before the judge. The issue: Should the basketball star’s ex-wife have her visitation rights yanked or at least supervised in the wake of the delayed hand-off of the boys to their dad on Father’s Day weekend?

Associate Judge Berger put off ruling on the matter until July 9. However, she told Funches-Wade she can’t spend time with her kids in the Chicago area until she reaches her decision.


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