The National Enquirer is claiming there is infighting over money belonging to the estate of the late disco queen Donna Summer.

The tabloid says:

Weeks after DONNA SUMMER’s untimely death, disco diva’s family battles over her $75 million fortune, say insiders.

Two of the singer’s three daughters– Mimi, 39, and Brooklyn, 31 – have turned family life into a “disco inferno” as they claw it out to see who gets the most money.

At the root of the problem are two different dads. Donna and singer/ songwriter Bruce Sudano, who tied the knot in 1980, are parents to daughters Brooklyn and Amanda, 28.

Donna previously had Mimi with her ex-husband, German actor Helmut Sommer.

“Donna was barely gone before Mimi and Brooklyn began battling over how much money they should get,” disclosed an insider.

“Mimi thinks she should get the most because she is first born, but Brooklyn made it clear that she and her sister Amanda should get more.

“Poor Bruce is still very upset over Donna’s passing, and the last thing he needs to deal with is the daughters fighting over the money – especially since Donna left it all to him,and he is being generous by agreeing to share it.

“Amanda is sweet and is sympathetic to Bruce. She keeps telling her sisters to stop being so greedy and give him space to grieve before making him go through all the finances.”


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