Writer/director Tyler Perry has been chasing Diana Ross to get her to star in his films since he became famous. She continues to rebuff his offer because she feels Perry’s films are not on her level.

According to industry insiders, Ross believes all the films Tyler Perry has done are films without substance. Diana Ross especially dislikes Perry’s Madea character because she feels Madea is a surface level character with no real depth. Tyler Perry is said to be crushed by Diana Ross’ refusal to co-star in anything his name is attached to because Diana Ross is one of Tyler Perry’s idols. Perry has said, “She’s the only person that I have dreamed of working with that will not return my phone calls.”

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Diana Ross is known to be a fierce protector of her entertainment legacy. She feels working with Tyler perry would taint her legacy because he creates films that perpetuate black stereotypes. One person said, “The last thing she wants is to co-star in a cheesy comedy starring a black man in a fat suit playing a half-cocked, angry old woman waving a gun.”

While Tyler Perry has been severely criticized by a large number of African-Americans for his negative portrayal of African-Americans, he is still making money. Diana Ross can rest on her legacy as a singer and actress, but if she wants to gain some younger fans, would starring in a Tyler Perry movie help her do that? Do you think Diana Ross should ease her criticisms of Tyler Perry?



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