Queensbridge MC Nas has shared some details about the split between him and his ex-wife Kelis during his episode of Behind The Music. There, he revealed when she left all she left was her green wedding dress. With the help of Salaam Remi‘s production, Nas is delving into further detail in the form of “Bye Baby.”

Sampling Guy‘s “Goodbye Love,” Nas cleans some of the skeletons he had hidden in his closet. The rapper rhetorically asks about why they couldn’t last longer than they did, considering both were so head over heels in love with each other when they first got together. “Why did we mess it up, we was friends, we had it all/ Reason you don’t trust men, that was your daddy’s fault,” Nas spit on the new track.

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Check out the song below. With this song being the latest in a series of album tracks to leak, will you be copping the new Nas album Life Is Good when it hits stores on July 17th? Let us know.


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