Tameka Foster hasn’t had the best experience with the media. She was labeled a home wrecker and all types of things. Despite her son Kile Glover being in critical condition stemming from jet ski accident, people are still treating Foster as if she is the Anti-Christ. Tameka’s friends have come out to defend Foster’s reputation as a parent and person.

Tameka Foster’s friend spoke to Radar Online where they condemned people sending Usher condolences rather than Tameka Foster and the child’s biological father Ryan Glover. They believe it’s unfair for people to act like Ryan Glover isn’t Kile’s father because Usher is more famous. Read some of her comments below:

“I’ve seen celebs and media outlets alike continue to send their condolences to Usher. Kile was Tameka and Ryan Glover’s child and the sympathy should be given to them first and foremost.”

“Although Usher has been so kind in chartering a plane so she could be by Kile’s side, he didn’t necessarily play a huge role in Tameka’s other children’s lives after the divorce therefore it seems a little disrespectful that Ryan is being ignored as a father, in place of another just because he’s topping the Billboard charts.”

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“Ryan was equally devoted and involved in Kile’s life — they shared joint custody and Kile was with his other family at the lake, so for those who are claiming Tameka’s at fault for not being there is just absurd — because of the joint custody, her two boys aren’t always directly in her eyesight, but she is a phenomenal mother.”

“Tameka is heartbroken. Kile was one of the loves of her life — she adored him. The last time I spoke to her she was going on and on about his fifth grade graduation. She used to call him her most helpful child and would gush about how smart he was.”

Tameka Foster’s friend is right. Why is Tameka Foster getting a bad rap for something she couldn’t control. Foster shouldn’t  be hounded with slander and disrespect over something she couldn’t control. What if that were your child you sent somewhere with people you trusted and this happened? People criticizing Foster as a parent need to have a seat.



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