The drama surrounding the Jackson family is never done. Reports have surfaced alleging Randy and Jermaine Jackson are trying to put the paws on Michael Jackson’s money.

A person close to Michael Jackson‘s estate claims Randy and Jermaine have hatched some plot to get their hands on their late brother’s money. The worst part about these allegations is that Jermaine and Randy are said to be using their mother Katherine Jackson as a ploy.

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Randy, Jermaine, Janet, and Rebbie Jackson all signed a letter demanding that the executors of Michael Jackson’s will step down from their positions. The letter claimed the executors are so terrible at their job that the stress caused Katherine Jackson to have a stroke. however, the executors of the estate believe Randy and Jermaine are broke and fear when their mother passes, they won’t be able to touch any of their brother’s fortune. If and when Katherine Jackson passes, Michael Jackson’s money goes to charity and into a trust fund for his three children.

People close to the estate believe Randy and Jermaine are angling to get their mother declared as terminally ill and in need of a conservatorship. If they can get someone approve Katherine Jackson being under a conservatorship, Jermaine and Randy want to be appointed as her conservators. With them as her conservators, they will have access to $70,000 a month.

The weird thing about this is Katherine Jackson’s people are denying she even had a stroke. Claims that the estate is in dire straits couldn’t have come at a worse time because Michael Jackson’s estate just grossed $500 million which wiped out all of Michael Jackson’s debt. This seems crazy, but money has caused people to do far worse and you never know what really goes on in the Jackson household.



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