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You can add Chicago MC Common to the ever-growing list of rappers who don’t want to pay bills. Common’s apartment in Chicago is about to be foreclosed on because Common hasn’t paid the mortgage since March.

According to legal documents, Common and his manager Derek Dudley bought a condo in 2008. Bank of America is claiming the rapper and his manager  have not paid any of the $2,285/month payments since March of 2012. Bank of America is taking action against Common by filing the foreclosure paper work. The bank is looking to sell the property in order to recoup the sum of the mortgage. Bank of America also hopes the sale of Common’s apartment snags them enough money to cover interest and penalties. All in all, Bank of America wants to make $345, 389.52 from Common or the sale of his home.

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When will rappers learn people want their money. Pay them and we can all be happy.



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