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Fans of Nicki Minaj should read this post very carefully. Do not bum rush the stage when Nicki is performing. You are risking catching a serious beatdown.

During the Florida stop of her Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded Tour, a fan rushed the stage while the Barbie was speaking to the crowd. The fan ran up on Nicki from stage left and tried to hug her. She was polite and smiled as she denied his request. Before Minaj could bat an eyelash, security and her hypeman SB rushed the fan. The fan caught punches and kicks to his dome.

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SB and security dragged the fan backstage as a smiling Nicki paid no attention to the incident and kept talking to the hyped crowd. Though the crowd continued to enjoy themselves, friends of the beat up fan ran after the security team to save their friend. As the two men ran to find out what happened to the guy that bum rushed the stage, Nicki told the crowd, “I just want to thank you for the love Florida,” with a huge grin.

Let this be a lesson to all music fans. Stop following Public Enemy‘s directions. Yo, do not bum rush the show! You could wind up stomped out with the video on Youtube.



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