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How much is Chris Brown worth? Brown is worth $24 million, according to most sources. That’s the monetary answer, anyway. Ask the wealthy R&B singer’s critics that same question, “What’s Chris Brown worth,” and they’ll scrunch up their faces, turn up their noses, and unleash the hate. Brown, of course, made headlines in February 2009, when he beat up then-girlfriend Rihanna on the eve of the Grammy Awards. While some have never let him live down the altercation, his ongoing popularity—his fourth album, Fortune, debuted at no. 1 the week of its June 29, 2012 release—shows the extent to which other fans are willing to forgive the singer and dancer and give him a second chance.

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Brown’s $24 million fortune was enough to land him on RnB Magazine’s list of the genre’s 10 richest performers. The “Run It!” singer comes in at no. 7, trailing Mariah Carey ($500 million), Beyonce ($350 million), R. Kelly ($150 million), Usher ($140 million), Rihanna ($72 million), and Mary J. Blige ($45 million). Brown edged out the late Whitney Houston ($20 million) and living, breathing peers Cee-Lo Green ($20 million) and Keri Hilson ($20 million).

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How does Brown stack up, financially speaking, against Drake, the Toronto rapper he supposedly brawled with in New York City back in June 2012? Drake is said to be worth $25 million, so regardless of who won the alleged bottle-chucking battle at the W.i.P. nightclub, Drizzy is the victor in the all-important money war. If the scrap truly was over Rihanna, as some have reported, Drake might have beaten Brown in another way, too. In July 2012, Britain’s Sun newspaper reported that Rihanna and Drake were planning a romantic yacht trip through the French Riviera. The moral: Money can buy you happiness, and $25 million buys you more than $24 million.

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