LeToya Luckett hasn’t released new music in quite some time, but she’s been keeping busy – lining up new movie and TV roles, including a spot on the upcoming BET original series, Second Generation Wayans. Still, the original Destiny’s Child member is a singer at her core and during the Q&A revealed plans for her forthcoming third album while also discussing her budding second career as an actress. We’ll start with what the fans want to know most. How close are you to completing your album?

LeToya Luckett: It’s crazy because it’s been a very stop-and-start type of thing. I’m about to start again in the next couple weeks and I’m looking forward to it. So, we have a while to go. You never know, you might find a song that makes the songs you’ve done in the past make sense, if you know what I mean. Or, you find a song that just makes you want to redo everything so we’ll see. You’ve done quite a few acting projects thus far. How did the opportunity to do Note to Self come about?

LeToya Luckett: My agent brought it to my attention and gave me the script. I think the script is what made me want to commit to it. After meeting with the cast and going into production the wheels started turning and it was nonstop. It turned out to be a great project. It’ll be released sometime this fall. How did this film in comparison to others challenge you more as an actress?

LeToya Luckett: I play a mom and I’ve never done that before. It was great and it made me want to be a mommy one day. Have you ever been introduced to a script that you were kind of wary about?

LeToya Luckett: All. The. Time. Everyday (laughs). What’s the weirdest one that they wanted you to do?

LeToya Luckett: Ummm, it might have been some sexual stuff that I wasn’t ready for. Yea, so…..(laughs). A lot of your songs [such as] “Good To Me” and “Take Away Love” tend to dissect relationships and talk about them from unique angles. Have you come up with anything specific like that for this album yet?

LeToya Luckett: The sound is going to be very open and like I’ve said in other interviews, very personal. I’m going to definitely come from all sides. Ladies, a lot of the time, don’t like to admit they’re wrong. I’m going to talk about that. I’m going to talk about the heartbreak, the makeups, the “Oh my God I’m scared to love again” — that whole thing. I guess I’m going to be real. I’m going to talk about things I’ve gone through or watched my friends and family go through.

You can read the interview in full here.


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