Matt Barnes was recently arrested for a traffic warrant and for allegedly resisting arrest. While this isn’t the first time Barnes has had a run in with the law, this is probably the first time a cop has set him up to be arrested. According to the NBA player and witnesses, the arresting officer waited two hours before arresting him.

As the story goes, Matt Barnes had a warrant out for his arrest due to missing an appearance in court about a traffic ticket. Sources say Barnes went to the DMV and got his license reinstated and mistakenly believed once his license was reinstated that the traffic ticket was done also. Sources in inside the police department say the arresting officer had previous knowledge of Barnes’ outstanding warrant when he saw Barnes and his girlfriend Gloria Govan park their car and walk to a Manhattan Beach restaurant. The cop did not approach Barnes, but hid in an alley and waited.

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Witnesses say Barnes reappeared at the car fifteen minutes later to get something out of the vehicle and the cop didn’t approach that time either. After about two hours, Barnes and Govan were on their way back to the car when the officer finally walked up to Barnes and announced he was under arrest. Barnes and other witnesses maintain the arresting officer never told Barnes what he was under arrest for. Barnes allegedly already had one hand behind his back and was handing his car keys to Govan so she could drive home. The officer grabbed Barnes hand with the keys in them and Barnes pulled away. Barnes was then informed he was under arrest for resisting.

Police claimed Matt Barnes was arrested for resisting arrest for making threats against the arresting officer. It must be noted Matt Barnes was clearly sober at the time of his arrest. It’s still unclear the cop’s motives for taking the action against Barnes.



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