Oprah Winfrey had plenty to say to and about Rihanna when the news of her altercation with Chris Brown made headlines. Finally, the two women had a chance to sit and talk for Oprah’s Next Chapter. After the interview, Oprah says she came away with a better understanding to the woman behind the pop star persona.

Rihanna and Oprah met in Ri Ri’s home country of Barbados. Rihanna showed Oprah around the island and where she grew up. There, Oprah got a chance to see how people react to Rihanna on a human level and it opened Oprah’s eyes as to why Rihanna pushes the envelope as much as she does. While she didn’t give any details, Oprah did say the “Where Have You Been?” singer has reasons for being as brash as she is.

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Take a look at a clip of the Oprah and Rihanna interview which is slated to air on the OWN network August 19th at 9pm.



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