Pop star Rihanna filed a lawsuit against her ex-accountants claiming they were involved in her losing millions of dollars. The accountants are finally responding to the suit by shifting blame from themselves back to Rihanna.

Rihanna sued her former accounting team at Berdon LLP, saying they did a terrible job of keeping an eye on the revenue and expenses of her Last Girl On Earth tour which took place in 2009. Rih Rih also claims the accounting firm did not mention the tour was losing a lot more money than it was making. On top of that, Rihanna alleges the firm was taking more than their fair share of money from her. Rihanna says the accounting firm took 22% from her instead of the normal 10%.

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Berdon responded to the suit explaining Rihanna’s claims and lawsuit is a whole bunch of nonsense. Berdon adds they had every right to charge Rihanna 22% because she signed off on the contract when they entered into their agreement which gave them permission to take that much money. The accounting team is seriously sticking to their story that it was Rihanna’s “action or inaction” that caused her to lose money. They want the judge to rule in their favor and not award Rihanna any money. A ruling has yet to come down from the judge as of yet.



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