The Insider caught up with Brandy and talked to her about new music, Whitney Houston, working with Chris Brown and being in love again.

On the importance of her album title, Two Eleven:

“That day just … it means so much to me, that day. And I just want to continue to live my life with purpose and make her proud, and that’s my way of [paying] tribute to her [Whitney Houston].”

On one of the last things Houston said to her before her death:

“One of the last things she said to me was, ‘Nobody can be you, just be you, don’t be afraid to be you …’ and you know, at the time it was just like, ‘Okay.’ But when you lose someone, and that’s one of the last things they say, you just want to continue to do the best you can do for yourself and be the greatest version of yourself … and that’s hard.”

On being in love again:

“It’s a good thing. I’ve been through a lot in the relationship category. It’s good to meet someone that you know, reflects who you are and understands life the same way that you do. And you know, I’m looking for a great example for my daughter, and so all that goes into play.”

On working with Chris Brown and him being a “genius”:

“We all have our struggle. We all have our path, you know, but I do think the things we go through make us who we are and it makes us better. It makes us learn and discover new things about ourselves … so I’m happy to work with him, he’s great.”

The Insider also caught up with Chris Brown, who says he is “honored” to be working with Brandy – calling her “one of the best female vocalists.”

You can watch the interview at The Insider.


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