Pop sensation Lady Gaga has been constantly criticized for her love of wearing fur. She wrote a letter on her site condemning PETA not respecting people’s personal choices to wear fur. Hip-Hop mogul and PETA’s Person of the Year, Russell Simmons has responded by writing a letter to Lady Gaga.

Gaga is known for pushing the envelope with her left-of-center costumes. Some have been made of meat and others have been made of expensive fur. The “You And I” songstress has made it known she loves animals, so she stays away from skinned fur. Despite that, she loves to rock a fur coat when she can.

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Russell Simmons is the latest person to voice his opinion about her fashion choice. Simmons posted a love letter to Lady Gaga on his site, Global Grind, about her penchant for wearing animal skin. Russell Simmons wrote:

Dear Mother Monster,

You will go down in history as one of the most talented and beloved artists the world has ever known. You are an integral part of the artistic community that gives a voice to our pain, joy, struggles and triumphs through your music.

This is the same community that has historically been on the side of right since the beginning of time – bringing people together via the language of song. Poets always spoke the truth in song, whether it was via the innocent spirituals, as the slave songs came to be known, the protest songs of the beatnik generation who pushed for the end of the war, the legendary peace anthem of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” or the poetry of Tupac Shakur that gave a voice to the violent hardships that exist for every angry child growing up in inner cities. The poets who make music about social change set the tone and direction for our society because they are able to express the god that is within themselves.

When you look inside, you see “god” or the connective tissue that bonds you to all living beings and to life itself. The artist knows what the yogis and other leading spiritual beings have said throughout history: that we (all living beings) are ONE. If god were the ocean, we would be cups of god…

Check out the rest of the letter by clicking here.

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