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Rapper/mogul Jay-Z is usually the one being sued for one thing or another. This time, he is turning the tables. Jay-Z is suing his former personal chef for not revamping the menu at the 40/40 Club, which resulted in the business losing profits.

According to reports, Jay-Z and his former chef, Mike Shand, have parted ways after Shand was hired to run the kitchen of the Manhattan location of the 40/40 Club and failed to do so properly. Shand met Jay when he was the personal chef for Jay-Z and Beyonce‘s respective tours. After the tours, Jay asked Shand to “beef up” the 40/40 Club’s menu. Jay and his business partner Juan Perez allege in court documents that Shand “failed to perform on significant aspects” concerning their deal. Mike Shand’s failure to deliver resulted in “costing the club lost profits, loss of good will [and] alienation of clientele.”

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Jay and Perez and are suing Shand for $1.5 million dollars. They allege they have not been able to replace the items and services Shand was paid to provide. Since Shand’s firing, the 40/40 Club’s menu features regular bar food with a hefty price. The nachos cost a cool eleven bucks and the macaroni and cheese is just a dollar more than the nachos.
As for Mike  Shand’s response, his lawyer Vik Pawar released a statement: “Mike’s a great chef, and it is unclear why 40/40 would contemplate a lawsuit against him. Nevertheless, we will respond accordingly when he gets served with the complaint.”

With all of the money Jay-Z makes, is it really necessary to sue a chef for a million and a half dollars? don’t get us wrong. We totally understand the principle behind the matter, but the only thing Jay is going to get, if he wins, is money. Does he need anymore money? Seriously.

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