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We’ve finally come down to the home stretch of this season of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” It’s been a wild ride, something like a circus, but we’ve finally gotten a little bit of closure. Erica has put on her big girl panties and is settling down into her own house. She calls Scrappy over to tell him that they’re better off as friends so they can work together to raise their daughter. Scrappy apologizes for everything that he’s done in the past to hurt Erica, and tells her that he wants a family unit. But they come to the mutual agreement to just be friends for the sake of Imani.

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Karlie is still trying to find that big career break. She meets up with Roscoe Dash to talk “business” but we all know that it’s 30% business and 70% pleasure with Karlie. The two begin flirting and Roscoe asks Karlie if she has a man. Considering that Karlie is old enough to be Roscoe’s GRANDMA, we’re a little confused about where this attraction is coming from. “I’m not easy, I take it at ease,” Karlie says. If you say so, girl.

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Stevie J, Mimi and Joseline go for round three of therapy with Dr. Jeff. Mimi says the only reason that she’s going back go therapy is so that she can hear what Joseline has to say because in the last session, she was too busy punching Stevie upside his head. Dr. Jeff begins the session telling everyone that Stevie feels like he has power over these women, and he feels like he can have both of them. “Switch seats because he’s about to start lying and I don’t want to knock him in his s—.” Joseline says.

Joseline makes it clear that she’s okay with Stevie doing whatever he wants to do as long as he takes care of her and helps her make money. She even says that he had sex with her best friend in her own bed, which of course is news to Mimi but is hilarious to Joseline. Dr. Jeff drops the reality on the girls, telling them that Stevie is not going to change and they need to take control of their own lives. “They can take control of their own lives. It’s still my bus, it’s still my air. I’m running this s—,” Stevie says.

Scrappy has his own love triangle to deal with, and invites Shay to come to the studio and talk to him about the situation. He tells her that he and Erica have broken it off for good. He tells her that he loves both of them, and admits that he considered getting back with Erica. Shay isn’t very happy to hear that and tells him that he f*cked up, bad.

Erica is moving up and on. She’s gotten a new house and even a new potential man. While furniture shopping with K.Michelle, she tells her that her new boo is a realtor and he’s Italian. Typical K.Michelle of course asks Erica how his ‘sausage’ is, and Erica tells her to relax! K.Michelle then tells Erica about her conversation with Rasheeda and how Rasheeda was skeptical about her abusive relationship. K thinks Rasheeda is playing both sides because the media has made it a big deal about her being friends with both sides. “What the f*** we in? Sweet Valley High?” K. Michelle asks. Hilarious!

Joseline meets up with Stevie in the studio to find him with another “artist” rubbing on her arm. Joseline comes in and shuts that down real quick. Joseline refuses to do a song with a new artist, and she tells him that he’s playing around and she’s going to move on without him. Stevie isn’t having that, “Don’t nobody move unless I say they move,” he tells her. #AndThenHeHitTheSteebieFace

In an odd twist of events, Benzio and Karlie have dinner together, and Benzino thinks he’s ready for that big step, marriage! He brings out the ring and proposes to Karlie, and she asks him if he’s ready for that. His response is rather awkward, and he says that he’s not ready. How can you propose to a woman and then take it back within 20 seconds?! Karlie is PISSED! “Who does that?” she asks. We were wondering the same thing.

Stevie pops up at Mimi’s client’s house to try and win her back again, typical. This time, Mimi Is fed up. She tells him that she doesn’t want to do this relationship with him anymore, despite his begging and pleading for her to come back. “I gave you the best thing you ever had. You better be grateful,” Stevie tells her, which was enough for Mimi to give him the boot for real. Finally!

Things didn’t end badly for everybody, Rasheeda and Kirk have decided to renew their vows after 12 years of marriage. It looks like these two have fallen back in love again, and they plan to stay that way! “To 12 mo’ years, and 12 mo’ and 12 mo’,” Rasheeda says during their wedding toast.

Finally, the end to a drama filled season! What did you think about this episode? Catch the reunion next Monday!

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