LL Cool J wasn’t joking when he rapped “Mama Said Knock You Out.” A would-be burglar found out the hard way. LL Cool J beat up a guy for trying to break in his home.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, a man tried to break into LL Cool J’s L.A. mansion around two in the morning. One thing the intruder didn’t take into account is that LL, real name James Todd Smith, would be home and awake. The rapper heard strange noises on the first floor of his home and went to investigate the commotion, only to find the intruder in the home.

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LL Cool J’s house alarm was set off by the intrusion, but while the police were on their way, LL and the potential burglar got into a fist fight when the intruder tried to escape. The fight lasted long enough for the police to arrive and arrest the criminal. Plenty of sources are saying LL wasn’t harmed in the altercation, but the intruder did walk away with a few bruises and a burglary charge.

LL Cool J has been saying not to sleep on him or years. Will people finally begin to take heed?



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