Homophobia in hip-hop has been a serious issue for people since its creation. However, plenty of rappers have come out in support of gay rights in recent years. Snoop Dogg can tack his name onto the list of rappers with no qualms about same sex love.

Snoop Dogg gave an interview to the Salt Lake Tribune where he was asked about his thoughts on Frank Ocean’s open letter declaring his first love had been a man. Snoop Dogg indicated he was happy attitudes about homosexuality in hip-hop are moving toward being more positive. Snoop says hip-hop is ready for an openly gay rapper in 2012.

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The West Coast rap legend said, “People are learning how to live and get along more, and accept people for who they are and not bash them or hurt them because they’re different.”

“When I was growing up, you could never do that and announce that,” continued Snoop. “There would be so much scrutiny and hate and negativity, and no one would step (forward) to support you because that’s what we were brainwashed and trained to know.”

Since Frank Ocean‘s open letter, a host of rap artists have supported the singer-songwriter following his declaration. Has hip-hop gotten to a point where we can except a rapper with excellent rhyme skills, but loves the same sex? As a music listener, would you buy an openly gay rapper’s album and listen without judgement?



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