Joseline Hernandez had an interesting conversation with online personality Funky Dineva for During the interview, Joseline answered questions about why she involved herself with Stevie J considering he was presumably attached to Mimi Faust, the status of their relationship presently, and the age old question: Is Karlie Redd’s butt fake?

Excerpts below:

On involving herself with Stevie J despite his relationship with Mimi Faust:

I was not screwing that lady’s husband. That lady’s boyfriend, really. She calls him husband because she’s been around for 15 years but I love Mimi. She’s the baby’s mom. She’s just going to have to deal with me. I’m here to stay. I’m not going anywhere. Shout out to Mimi. At the same time, you really can’t blame everything on me. You have to see what Stevie is doing. Stevie told me that she was just the baby mom so all I was doing was going for what I feel. I love him. He’s a great person. Great sex. A great business man. I’m sorry Mimi, my bad. Damn, Get over it!

What is her relationship status with Stevie J now?

I’m going to be around Stevie, for ever and ever.

Is Karlie Redd’s butt real? 

I have seen her around Benzino’s house. I don’t know if it’s fake but it’s old and tired so it kind of dropped. So I think the booty is expired.

Check out the interview in full below:


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