“Success is the best revenge”.

Those words glare at anyone who visits the website of up-and-coming rapper Awkword. The man who dubs himself “The People’s Champ” also quotes Maya Angelou. Oh, and he happens to be a Caucasian. Since Eminem effectively knocked Vanilla Ice out of our consciousness as the only commercially successful melanin-challenged rapper in Hip Hop, the industry has predictably tried to duplicate the success of Marshall Mathers with clone after clone of shock rapping “Stans”.

Refreshingly, Awkword is trying to blaze his own trail (what other White guy quotes Maya Angelou in any industry?) by releasing music with a message. “Throw Away The Key (No More Prisons)” is a song one would expect from, dare I say, a conscious rapper, yet Awkword is not afraid to tackle these topics.

Just in case you thought this positive music was a gimmick, the lil’ homey runs a nonprofit program that trades guns for cameras in an effort to “eradicate street violence through the Hip Hop-inspired education and empowerment of our urban youth”.


“Throw Away The Key (No More Prisons)”

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