As the Democratic National Convention continues, the Republican party is doing everything they can to disenfranchise black voters from coming out to re-elect Barack Obama. With election day a few months away, the GOP is beginning to get desperate to convince the public that Obama isn’t the president we need. In their desperation, the GOP has released an ad urging Americans to “break up” with Obama.

Besides the ad’s blatanl lying to the country for their own selfish gain, it’s just wack, period. There are obvious things wrong with the clip and since The Urban Daily is known for being an office full of smart asses, we decided to point out a few things that were wrong with the advertisement, besides it being ridiculously stupid.

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3. The GOP’s Reference To Obama Hanging With Celebrities

First off, Obama wasn’t hanging out with George Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker like that. Each of the actors held fundraisers for the President in efforts to help raise campaigning funds. The GOP is just mad the most lusted after actor in Hollywood is smart enough to realize nothing good can come from a party that fully endorsed Sarah Palin’s basic ass for Vice President.

2. Kim Kardashian Already Said She Was Down With Obama

Brothers, whoever cast the actress in the commercial is trying to get you caught up! They know we love how Kim Kardashian looks. (If you don’t, I question your manhood.) So the GOP got a Kim Kardashian look-a-like to say she was done with Obama in hopes you would think with the head between your legs and follow the booty to the Republican party. Please use the brain between your ears to vote.

1. Pay Close Attention To How “Break Up” Looks

Those fools can’t even spell correctly and they think they can run a country?! I know a college degree is required for a man to run for the presidency, but can we at least see their elementary school promotion certificate? The Republican party is already showing us how things are going to go if they get into office. They are going to cut public education and provide more funding for private education for the rich, where they will NOT learn “break up” is in fact, two separate words.

Check out the stupid ad below and point out anything else you find hilariously disturbing.


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