R. Kelly is tired of writing love letters and waiting for you to write him back (see what I did there?). After two albums of romance the R. told the Associated Press that he will return to the explicit content that made him a household name. It seems like you’re ready.

In lieu of this change of heart by Kells, dissected over 230 of Kelly’s songs and came up with the 69 lyrics guaranteed to have your body calling. Peep game.

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69. “Don’t You Say No” (2000): Say you wanna take first-class trips/Well I wanna work those first-class hips/Yes I do

68. “Honey Love” (1992): You listen, just like a lollipop, you’re so sweet, babe/And your body’s like a lemon drop/Sure tastes good to me

67. “Etcetera” (1998): Let’s go to the IHOP babe/No matter how the food may taste/It’s your body I’m thinking of

66. “Beautiful in this Mirror” (2012): Cause we look so good/We’re going so hard/We’re not gonna stop/Just look at you/This side view/Do you know what we are/We are beautiful in this mirror

65. “Tempo Slow” (1995): Baby tell Daddy what it is you want/Come on and unravel those little secrets unknown/Time to taste what love has in store for me/So let’s take a sip of this love groove chemistry

64. “You Remind Me of Something” (1995): You remind me of my jeep, I wanna ride it/Something like my sound, I wanna pump it/Girl you look just like my cars, I wanna wax it

63. “Etcetera” (1998): In the pool you and me skinny dippin’ darlin’/Kelly’s rules no playing hard to get

62. “Sex Planet” (2007): We’ll stick a flag on the Moon/First couple to ever make love/On planet Neptune, ooo

61. “Trapped in the Closet, Part 4” (2005): And that’s when I start goin’ crazy/Like I was tryin’ to give her a baby

60. “The Greatest Sex” (2000): And the window blinds are filled with rays of sun/And all you secret fantasies thy will be done/And inside of your walls there will dwell a Capricorn/That will feast your body all night/If we keep this up then a love child will be born

59. “If I’m wit You” (1998): It really don’t matter, who’s first in the shower/Fruit platter from a young maid every hour

58. “Like a Real Freak” (2000): Girl, run to your Internet and download me/Get my computer love right off your screen/See, ya body’s cut just like my jewelry/We can pop some Cris’ in my Jacuzzi

57. “Pregnant” (2009): Take you out to eat, wine and dine/Shoppin’ spree, you sexin’ me/See, I’m not cheap or selfish, babe/Girl, I’m just thirstin’ for that booty, babe

56. “Big Chips” (2004): Bark bark farmer, this chicken layin platinum ex-farmer

55. “One Me” (2000): I’m gonna kiss yo lips/Then I’m gonna raise yo slip/I’m gonna take your hand/And let you feel these ribs

54. “Tp-2” (2000): Just let me call the studio/Then we can go all night/Girl I hope you can hang/Cause I’m horny as hell tonight

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