Rapper turned actor Common is showing he can do more than romantic comedies and action thrillers. In his latest film, LUV, Common has a role he can sink his teeth into and really prove himself as an actor.

LUV is a film about an ex-convict who is trying to get on the straight and narrow path. He brings his nephew along with him on a business trip which turns out to be a huge mistake. The business trip turns into a serious fight for their lives. Common and newcomer Michael Rainey Jr. go on a wild and dangerous journey which teaches both of them the meaning of familial love.

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The Urban Daily spoke to Common back in April about the role. He stated then that this was one of his most in depth role besides his television show, “Hell on Wheels.” “The story’s about a guy who is just released from prison that wants to straighten his life out. He takes his nephew out for the day to show him the ropes of the business world. However, the streets start calling him back and he gets sucked into things he ‘s trying to stay away from,” Common said.

He continued, “I would definitely say this role is a departure for me. At the same token, I have played characters who’ve dealt with the street elements. I think this character has more depth. You get to follow his story longer. It’s a blessing that I got this role.”

Check out the trailer below. Will you be checking out LUV when it hits theaters November 9th?



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