Now that NeNe Leakes has crossed over into scripted television, she’s already setting her sights on other avenues within the world of the tube. Apparently, she wants to join Bethenny Frankel and Tiny and ultimately get her own talk show. Are you already rolling your neck in anticipation?

Here’s what NeNe had to say about her talk show dreams:

“I would keep it real for the whole hour!”

“Whatever the topic is, I feel I could talk about anything. Politics, men, money, shoes . . . anything. I wouldn’t want to do a ‘Maury Povich’ show. Baby daddy! Who’s your daddy? Who’s your mama? I wouldn’t want to do that kind of show.”

And apparently she’s already “had interviews,” adding:

“It’s just a matter of time,” she tells The Post. “I am here now, because I am supposed to be here. And I guess when it is my time to cross over there, I will be over there. I am not religious, but I am spiritual, honey. My day is coming!”

Clearly you can’t keep a sassy Black woman with a mean struck down in the mainstream media. Salute.

Now as for the show that made her famous:

Q: As your acting career gains traction, do you slowly want to get away from reality?

A: At some point I do. I love the acting world. So at some point. . . I can’t continue to be a Housewife. At some point, I have to back out.

Q: Have there been opportunities you have missed because of your reputation from “Real Housewives?”

A: Probably. I don’t know that for sure. Just the thought of me being a “Housewife,” they would probably say “Hmmm. We may not want to use her.” Just the whole persona of being a Housewife. The cattiness and the bitchiness and the fighting. People see you as that is who you are.

You can read the full interview over at the New York Post.


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