(EDITOR’s NOTE: When news broke of Khia getting her own reality TV show all we could ask was “why?” But then we remembered this crazy interview we conducted with the Thug Misses back in 2008 and realized crazy IS the new reality.)

We’ve all heard Khia scream but what (or who?) can shut her up? The Thug Misses is putting her stilettos to work promoting her new CD, Nasti Muzik. So after a few listens we came up with Seven Questions that only The Urban Daily would dare to ask. Read on to find out if she knows what Lil Wayne’s ass taste like.

The Urban Daily: That’s a pretty big drum between your legs on the album cover. What’s the biggest instrument you’ve ever played with in bed?

Khia: I would say the harp…wait, in bed? Oh my gosh. I dunno, I’ve never played any music in bed. The “Nasti Muzik” intro is about me playing music with my own little instrument in bed, but that’s the only one. Her name is Roxanne. I’m talking about MY instrument. [laughs]

TUD: On “My Swag” you rhyme that “I’m a lady when we fuckin and a bitch in the street.” Shouldn’t that be the other way around?

Khia: Everybody says that but I’m such a bitch but when I’m with a Lil Wayne I’m just a kitten. I like for the man to be in control. I like to let him run things and I just whimper. And people never hear me whimper, you know how much shit I talk. I calm down when the instrument is on me.

TUD: You sound pretty domestic on “Be your lady.” When was the last time you folded a dude’s underwear?

Khia: I have a son so I fold his underwear all the time. That comes from me being a mommy and being a boss lady at work and when I’m home I like to cook and bake cookies. Sugar cookies, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin…

TUD: What do you like to drink to channel your inner stipper?

Khia: ABSOLUT. I’m old school. You give me some Seagram’s Gin and some Absolut and I’m good. It makes me feel nice, I don’t have a hang over and I’m good. And I can spend the rest of my money on shoes.

TUD: I thought the “Shit on me” skit was gonna be about something else. Have you ever had a dude fart in bed?

Khia: No. I would let Weezy Fart on me though. Cuz that’s my man and I love him and he can do whatever to me. I don’t put my personal life out but I’m his biggest fan and he can do anything to me and I would do anything to him?

TUD: So choking is allowed?

Khia: Choking is allowed as long as it’s from behind. Don’t choke me out though! Just a little bit of pressure.

TUD: Have you and Weezy ever watched “Two Girls One Cup”?

Khia: Uh, uh I’m jealous and I’m not a lesbian. That would be a catfight up in there.

TUD: Skat fight is more like it, but yeah, you definitely haven’t seen that one…

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