We hear all the time about women who have faked orgasms to please their man. Some say they just don’t have the heart to tell him it wasn’t satisfying. After checking the results from our poll, it seems most men do the same thing.

Earlier in the week, we posted a video where Veronica Wells of Madam Noire surveyed men, asking  if they’ve ever faked an orgasm. A select few said they had not, but most of the men in the clip nervously laughed as they admitted they have used that tactic in the past. Upon seeing the clip, a heated debate ensued in the office. The younger men were baffled as to how that was even possible for a man to lie about that. Some of the older males wouldn’t put their business on front street, but remained steadfast in their thinking that men faking orgasms is possible.

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Ladies, how does it feel to know men are faking just as much, if not more than you in the bedroom? Does it make you want to step your bedroom game up? Since everyone is faking it, is it time for us to redefine what good sex actually is? Tell us what you think in the comments.


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