If you haven’t seen ads for Next Day Air, this dopey, bloody and downbeat type film has easy laughs and a recognizable cast that’s worthy of carrying a comedy. But it’s the violence and grim finale that drags this cocaine-deal-gone-wrong into a hole it can’t giggle its way out of.

Starring Donald Faison (Scrubs), Mos Def, Mike Epps and Wood Harris – their paths cross after Faison’s character leaves a box stuffed to the brim with cocaine at the address of two inept thieves. Harris and Epps, who are no stranger to playing comedic criminal characters, believe that the box of “goodies” is a welcomed change to the horrible luck they’ve had in trying to do other dirty deeds.

After plotting ways on how to spend the money they’re going to make, the dynamic duo link up with Brody’s (Epps) cousin. But Jesus – the original recipient of the package – has bigger problems on his hands. It’s like The Italian Job, of sorts, where every cast member has their own agenda and goal to accomplish. But the Benny Boom-directed film jumbles up the story with faulty plot devices leaving the mixture so bad that co-star Mos Def seems to have shown up for the free weed and the check.

With a drug lord fast on everyone’s heels tracking down his product what will happen in Next Day Air? It seems as if someone forgot to send in the funny as the film’s third-and-final act kills the buzz from the other two acts.

Next Day Air is in theaters today.

The Urban Daily sits down with comedian Mike Epps as he talks about his role in the film, Next Day Air, shares his thoughts about Oprah giving away free chicken [click here to read], swine flu [click here to read] and Eddie Murphy.

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