To those of you who believe that you can come up off false claims that Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, or Smokey Robinson are your cousins, let the scam artists who tried to play Stevie Wonder: You might find yourself soul clapped right into a jail cell.

Alpha Lorenzo Walker, 38, and his girlfriend, Tamara Eileen Diaz, also 38, had been charged with attempted extortion. The two were accused of hitting their not Uncle Stevie up, saying they’d sell nasty stories about him to the press if he didn’t fork over a nice amount of change. Stevie called the po-po and well, it didn’t turn out so well for those two.

Alpha was sentenced to 292 days in jail after pleading no contest to the charge, but like Diaz, has been subsequently released for time served. They are not completely done with the case, though.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

According to Wonder’s attorney, William Joseph Briggs II, Walker met him at a Century City-area coffee shop and showed him video footage that supposedly depicted conditions at the vacant former home of Wonder’s deceased mother.

Unless he was paid the $5 million, Walker warned that the singer would be “extremely” embarrassed by the tape’s release, Briggs said. During the coffeehouse meeting, Briggs noticed that Diaz was nearby watching.

Briggs said he later told Walker that Wonder was outraged by the demand and Walker then lowered his demand to $500,000, with a confidentiality statement signed by the pair when $10,000 was paid upfront.

In addition to the jail sentence, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge William C. Ryan also ordered Walker to attend twice-weekly mental health counseling while on probation.

Diaz must complete 78 Narcotics Anonymous classes and was placed on three years formal probation.

The pair was also ordered to stay away from Wonder, his family and co-workers while on probation, according to prosecutor Frances Young of the district attorney’s Target Crimes Division.


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