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Former Bad Boy artist Shyne can’t leave well enough alone. Since being released from prison in 2009, Shyne has tried to seize some form of relevancy on the music front. That hasn’t panned out for the rapper who went to prison for shooting up Club New York 13 years ago. Shyne has vacillated between the urge to once again bask in somebody’s limelight and the calling to follow his new found religion of Orthodox Judaism.

While the rapid changes had our heads spinning for a time, we accepted Shyne (or Moses) because we know he’s been through some things. However, enough is enough. All of this struggle dissing he’s doing on records is becoming more than we can bear. We thought we’d heard Shyne’s last struggle bar when he reignited a stale beef with his former boss Diddy. But no, here comes Shyne with a new 50 Cent diss record called “Fred Hampton” and as you would imagine it is awesomely terrible. We’ve decided it’s time for Shyne to sit his ass all the way down and do something else. Peep our list as to why.

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Dissing People Who Are No Longer Relevant On The Mic

Since getting out of prison in 2009, Shyne has been busy getting deported and fighting to regain entry into America. So it’s inevitable he would miss a few occurrances in hip-hop. One of those things was the changing of the rap music industry. People who were fans of Shyne in 1999 were in their mid-teens to early 20s. At the beginning of his rise, he lost it all and went to prison. And in ten years, both 50 Cent and Diddy became less relevant in the booth and superstars in the boardroom. Riddle me this: when is the last time you actually gave a damn about a Diddy or 50 Cent album release? Judging from album sales, Diddy’s Last Train To Paris was a weed plate that doubled as a coaster. The last time 50 Cent’s music lived up to the hype was in 2003. I would end this by saying he should diss Maybach Music Group for relevancy, but elephants don’t swat flies. (See what I did there?)

There’s No Country For Orthodox Jews Rapping About Gang Life

Is it me or is there a wild conflict of interest for a practicing Orthodox Jew to release a project that’s riddled with gangsta tales and ratchetness? While I’m not the holiest of people, I certainly know man cannot serve two masters. At some point, Shyne is going to have to decide if he is going to be Shyne, the bad boy of 1999 or if he is going to be Moses Levi, the Orthodox Jew who goes to temple and preaches peace and forgiveness. We tend to think he’ll go with the former because he reconciled with Diddy at Paris Fashion Week and a few months later began dissing him again. I guess the streets stay calling Shyne’s name and he has to go when they call. Sorry, Jehovah.

He Is Banned From The United States

There really is nothing left to say about Shyne’s deportation. However, because we want to maximize our readers’ experience, I’ll say one thing. If Shyne doesn’t stop dissing rappers who are able to cross the American border when they please, he is simply going to continue to hate from outside the country because he most certainly can’t get in. Don’t believe me, ask the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service. They play no games.


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