Some would chalk it up to simple mindedness; others because he looks like Prince had a baby with Frankie Lymon Jr.’s hair. Whatever the rationale, there’s a perception among a few – yes, a few – that Miguel might be gay. The horror, the horror. Note: please catch the sarcasm as it was thrown at you.

However, he’s side time and time again that he’s not, but while speaking with “The Breakfast Club” in promotion of his great new album, Kaleidoscope Dream, responded to the rumors once more.

Miguel said on the rumors:

You guys know this because you’re on air, people make a lot of assumptions about you. Not necessarily about your sexuality but about whatever. I think at first, kind of getting acclimated to the fact that people are watching and everything you do is scrutinized, I had to take a step back. I think now, when I look at everything, I know that first and foremost [it is about] the music, and I don’t want to do anything that detracts from the authenticity of who I am as an artist. People are going to say what they’re gonna say. You can’t really try to please other people, but as long as what you’re doing is real, then they have to respect that.

As for Frank Ocean, someone who admittedly has liked a guy before, Miguel responded to the idea that he’s “faking it” for publicity:

It’s interesting the timing of when it was announced. It could have been a marketing ploy, who’s to say. At the end of the day as a grown a– man I don’t really care what the sexuality of the next man is.

Was probably not a great idea to say that, but whatever, grown man.

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