If your into mixing music and videos, here’s a nice little app that you might be interested in. It’s called VJay – which is appropriate, but still sounds funny. It’s set up in pretty much the exact same way two turntables would be set up in a DJ App, except there are two videos instead. The makers, algoriddim, know what their doing as they’ve been around the bend a time or two. They created the DJay app for iPhone, and iPad and their up to their usual schennanegans with this latest app.

I got the chance to play with it for a little while and there is quite a bit you can do with this puppy. Apparently it’s the first of it’s kind giving its users the ability to mix music videos rather than just .mp3s. A few of the cool things you can do are of course fading the music as well as the images together as you move from one video to the other. There are different graphic options for fading from one video to the other like “Cube”, “Swap”, “Grid”, and few more. Changing those options determine how the fade will work. Block for example transitions like a turning cube.

Not only can you que up videos, you can also que up different songs as well. So that’s four separate things going on at the same time potentially. Two different tracks with two different videos, unless of course the videos have their own audio. You can loop a portion of the audio at 2 or 4 beats and you can also choose different cool effects that effect the video in real-time. Some of those effects are “strobe”, “twirl”, “crush” and “fisheye”. Strobe causes the video to pulsate with light instantly giving you migraine. Twirl is a mini tornado in the middle of the video. Crush pixelates the video so that you look like you are playing a video game straight from the 80s and fisheye is a bouncing ball under the video.

You can record your best moments for playback at a later date, and the video toggles to full screen when you want it to. It’s quite a bit of functionality and if you want it, it’ll cost you $10 bucks. You can create really cool music videos if you put in the time and energy, however, I instantly thought of one really cool use case scenario. I saw this cool band call “Kung Fu Masters” and they play jazz while kung fu movie clips and anime play in the background. You can check them here, but I think this app would totally be cool for you creative types out there who think up cool stuff like that. If your looking for a great tool, I recommend it. You can download the VJay app right here.

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