This year’s BET Hip-Hop Awards was the source of a lot of drama and embellished rumors. Reports have stated there was a huge brawl between rappers Young Jeezy and Rick Ross backstage at the event. DJ Drama, who witnessed the entire incident, says most of what you’ve heard is untrue.

Complex spoke to the Atlanta DJ about what actually happened. Drama said the stories we’ve been hearing about Ross and Jeezy’s confrontation ending in gunfire is totally false. There was footage of some of the altercation, but Drama says the video footage you saw was the aftermath of the incident. To his recollection, DJ Drama said he and Jeezy walked backstage and they bumped into Ross. A few pointed words were exchanged and a little bit of pushing and shoving was the wildest they rappers got.

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Drama commented, “I saw [Jeezy] in the house. Then we walked backstage at the same time. Jeezy was walking one way, Ross was going the other way. They stopped briefly, exchanged a few words, and there was some pushing and shoving. That was pretty much it…I just heard a couple, ‘What’s ups,’ I didn’t hear what else was said.”

When asked about the video posted on the internet, Drama stated, “The video that you see is all after the fact. Jeezy wasn’t even inside at that moment, he was already outside. The confrontation in the video is Ross’ manager, Gucci Pucci, trying to get to Ross and the cops trying to stop him because they don’t know who he is. There’s no footage of the fight. That’s all afterwards…it wasn’t a fight. No shots were fired. It was a small disagreement, but it was a small disagreement between two very important and big individuals within hip-hop. It’s been the talk of the town.”

It’s good to know guns weren’t drawn. Things could’ve gotten way more out of hand then they did. Do you believe DJ Drama’s story, considering he was the only witness to come forward with a story?



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