It’s no secret there is no love lost between Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard. It has been said that if you want to wipe the smile off of Dwight’s face call him “Shaq Jr.” O’Neal has felt that Howard stole the “Superman” persona from him and refuses to give him any props as being the best center in the league today. Many believe Howard did not want to go to the Lakers strictly because people would say he was following Shaq who also began his career in Orlando before going to L.A. in 1996.

Shaq recently stated that Howard was the third best center in the league today behind the Nets’ Brook Lopez and Andrew Bynum because of his deficiencies as a back to the basket post player. Howard took offense at being called a “pick-and-roll player” by the Diesel and felt O’Neal should just “move on” with his life instead of continuing to take shots at him.

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I don’t think Howard is purposely trying to follow Shaq. Now if he goes to the Miami Heat after playing for the Lakers then something is up. See Dwight’s response to O’Neal here.

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