It’s the question that consumes my mind more times than I’d care to admit: Just what exactly, makes a boss? And a boss like Rick Ross, not Tony Danza or whoever that fool is that won’t stay out of your cubicle. Speaking with, T.I. finally settles the riddle. He also says why he’s not doing any movies right now.

VIBE: Tip, it seems like every rapper is an overnight “boss” all of a sudden. What’s your personal definition of a boss in hip-hop?

TI: I mean, it’s possible to become a boss overnight, but it’s not probable. A lot of people toss that word around so loosely. For real, if you have to use someone else as a source for a meal, than you ain’t a boss. I mean if you’re depending on somebody else to get you something for you that’s not a boss to me. You’ve got to really make your own opportunity and then create opportunities for others. You’ve got to really pull your weight as a confident leader. Also, the people who depend on YOU must fulfill their own responsibilities. You have to make sure everything is happening in order.

Are you working on any new movies right now? There’s been talks of you doing some lead roles.

I don’t know if I got time at this very moment.

So right now you’re in straight music mode?

Yeah, right now I have a few opportunities that I hope I’ll be able to take advantage of, but I just don’t know when that will be. I’m just trying to make sure that I give the best possible product that I can for Trouble Man and allow myself the most time to market and promote it properly. That’s my focus at the moment.

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