We have satellites that can take a picture of mosquitoes doing the nasty on a hippo’s ass from space, but we still have blurry cellphone videos creating drama.

In the latest case of Big Brother gone wrong, footage of Lil Wayne kissing a man at LIV nightclub in Miami has everyone wondering if it is Stevie J the producer, Weezy’s DJ Stevie J or even a kiss at all.

For his part, Hitman Stevie J claims that he was in L.A. working in the studio on Sunday so that it could not possibly have been him in the video. Lil Wayne’s and DJ Stevie J’s twitter feeds have been running silent on the matter except for pics from the club that night:

Given Lil Wayne’s history of kissing dudes this would hardly be a shocker. But we’re not even convinced this is a kiss happening here. If you can afford to get into LIV, can’t you afford an iPhone or Samsung with at least a 4 megapixel camera? And where is the zoom? If you’re going to be a snitch at least be an efficient snitch gyatdamit.

Watch the video and you tell us what is going on.

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