There is no doubt Jay-Z is still riding high off of the Barclays Center grand opening. While it is a huge achievement for the Brooklyn Nets part owner and the borough of Brooklyn, Jigga has decided to shed some light into what went on behind the scenes during the erection of the massive arena via his website Life+Times.

Along with the excitement of the new arena, the anger and frustration felt by many about the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York has been highly publicized. While long time residents are happy for the attention it’s brought to the downtown area of the borough that’s thorough, there are some who are very unhappy about the project for different reasons.

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The first episode of Jay-Z‘s Life+Times web  series ‘Road To Brooklyn’: Down By The Yards, goes behind the scenes of  the community’s reaction to the building of the Barclays Center. Residents of  Brooklyn ranging from the famous to the regular, speak on  what the arena means for the borough and the city as a  whole.

See the video below:


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