Actor/comedian Katt Williams spent the majority of his night somewhere he jokes about hating to go to–jail. Williams was taken into the LAPD’s custody after being identified as the man flashing a gun inside Los Angeles’ famed Supper Club. However, Katt Williams is claiming everything was a misunderstanding.

Police were summoned to the Supper Club around one in the morning. Witnesses said they saw a man in the club brandishing a gun. When law enforcement arrived, the man witnesses fingered as having the weapon was the comedian. Upon searching Williams, no gun was recovered. Police did find a gun in his vehicle. The “Money Mike” actor and two members of his crew were arrested when the gun was found in the car.

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Katt and one member of his entourage were released without any charges being filed. Fate wasn’t so kind to the other member of Williams’ posse. The third man was booked on an unrelated traffic warrant. According to sources, the gun recovered from Williams’ car was unregistered and cops are in the process of figuring out who owns the weapon.

There was no further word from Katt Williams explaining how this situation was a misunderstanding. Don’t worry, we are still wondering about that too.



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