Vincent Herbert is a behind the scenes music industry giant who has come into the public eye since the reality show starring his wife Tamar Braxton premiered on the We Network. Born on New Year’s Eve 1969 in Newark New Jersey, the writer and producer has contributed to the success of everyone from Toni Braxton, Bobby Brown and Aaliyah to Lady Gaga.  But how much do you know about Vince Herbert?  Here are five things we’ve learned.

5.)  Vince married Tamar Braxton  in 2008.

Vince says that he and Tamar are pretty much inseparable.  “We’re actually velcro. Some people hate on it but find somebody you like,” he told

4.) Vince lost is mother, father and brother as a teenager:

“Losing my mom at 13, losing my dad a couple of years later,” he told “And then burying my brother a few years later. You just really realize what life really means.”

3.) Was one of the Faith Evan’s first producers and introduced her to Tony Dofat, who recorded her first time on a song, singing background for Al B Sure. “I just didn’t sign her because at that point I was a developing artist. I was more just producing records. But me and Faith go way back.”

2. He bought his first car at 16–in full.

“My first car was a 535 BMW. I wanted to wait until I had the money to buy what I wanted. And I was like, I’m not gonna buy a Honda. I wanna buy something nice because I wanted to wait and have something nice. So I was 16. I bought myself my first car. A 35 Black BMW.”

1.)  Was in the hospital for 40 days with seven blood clots, the same condition that killed Heavy D.

“I was in a coma for like five days,” he told the Power 105.1 Breakfast Club. “it’s due to flying too much. When you get on a plane there’s not enough oxygen so your blood doesn’t circulate the proper way. If you’re in a plane for five hours get up an walk around once an hour. You can’t let your body sit.”

Bonus: His good friend Benzino came to see him in the hospital and helped him brush his teeth.

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