Are you ready for a Drumline 2? My answer was an immediate “eh,” but I also took into account that I’m not the target audience — i.e. someone under the age of 25. According to Nick Cannon, a sequel to the popular film is on the horizon — plus a TV show. I’ll alert my younger kinfolk to help build anticipation.

In the meantime, here’s Mariah’s man breaking the news down in a series of tweets:

Shout out to everyone watching Drumline right now. EXCLUSIVE NEWS: I’m producing Drumline 2 and the TV show for VH1. Stay tuned!!; INCREDIBLE got several shows coming out in 2013. U GON’ GET THIS WORK!!!; Wait to you guys hear the storyline for Drumline 2! #hardtokeepsecrets it’s been over a decade since the first one. #classic; SPOILER ALERT: I’m not the main character. I’m too damn old! New class! I’m getting my behind the camera on! But I will be in the movie.


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