Superstition is a curious thing, especially in sports. But when the numbers support an irrational belief, it’s hard to dismiss. According to political statisticians there is one clear indicator of who will win a Presidential election–whether the Washington Washington Football Team win or lose the game before Election Day.

According to the folks at Buzzfeed, any Obama supporters might have reason to be concerned for tomorrow’s election.

In every one of the last 18 elections, the winner of the presidency has corresponded with the outcome of the most recent Washington Football Team home game in this way: if the Washington Football Team win, then the party that won the previous election’s popular vote — in this case, the Democrats and President Obama — wins; if the Washington Football Team lose, then the party that lost the previous election’s popular vote — the Republicans and Mitt Romney — wins. For example, in 2008, the Washington Football Team lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 23-6, predicting an Obama win over Senator John McCain, since the Republican party won the popular vote in 2004.

Rookie Washington Football Team QB Robert Griffin, III threw for 215 yards with no touchdowns and the Washington Football Team fell to the Carolina Panthers 21-13. If President Obama still manages to win, it would be the first time this “law” was wrong in 72 years. All the more reason to get out to the polls!

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